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Available Job Opportunities

Sell our services and earn commission.

Are you ambitious, a people person, and have great communication skills? We're looking for a freelance sales agent who wants to earn extra cash. This person should be someone who can work independently, is highly motivated, and energetic. With excellent sales skills. And has its own car to visit (prospective) clients. If interested, please send us your résumé and motivation letter before November 23rd, 2018 to [email protected]

We're always looking for dynamic souls to join our team of content geeks.

At BOLD Content Agency we offer content writing, content editing, and content marketing services on the dushi island of Curaçao. We are an online agency, operating in a very competitive industry which requires continuous out-of-the-box thinking at every level to ensure satisfying business performances to our clients.

Our motto: "RESULTS are King!" And we will always go the extra mile to provide the best results to our customers. Our next team player possess the following traits:

POSITIVE mindset.
OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking.
OPEN-MINDED persona.

Integrity - Do the right thing even when no one is watching. 
Expertise - Walk your talk.
Originality - To stand out, one must go for the nonexistent.
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