SOME OF THE Thesis Topics of graduation projects That we've assisted with.

 The Power of Announcement via Social Media on Capital Market – Evidence From Executive Turnover.

The Effect of Aging on the Employability of Labor Within Companies on Curaçao.

  A Study of the Behavioral Change in Detainees who Participated in the Intervention Program of SDKK.  

Entrepreneurial Behavior: As Observed Motivation Factors That Influence the Individual to Start up a new Business in Curaçao. 

The Influence of Cognitive Technology (CT) on the Audit Quality During an Audit Engagement.

  Ethical Reasoning and the Perceived Independence of the Accountant in Curaçao.

The Perception of Audit fee Pressure and its Influence on the Audit Fee and Audit Quality by External Auditors.

 The Impact of Ability, Motivation and Role Perception on Organizational Performance.

Gender Inequality in Accounting Profession From the Perspective of the Glass Ceiling in Curaçao.

  Improving the Accounts Payable Process of Company X in Curaçao.

Different Flexible Working Needs Between men and Women Within Curaçao Profit Organizations. – Flexible Working Within Profit Organizations on Curaçao.

The Influence of Organizational Culture on the Relationship Between Stakeholders and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Local Government Owned Entities.