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Social Media Management

Social Media Management
We can manage all of your Social Media accounts.

Social Media Calendar
We can create a calendar with texts and ideas for your Social Media accounts.

Social Media Content Creation
We can provide you with images, flyers, and blogs for your Social Media accounts.

Let us help you build a respectful online presence while you remain focused on your core business. Our promise to you is original content and consistency.
Campaign Development
Sometimes all you need is a fresh
new look from the outside to boost  customer relationship and engagement. 
Business Plan
We have a lot of experience in writing business plans. We can write something as simple as a 5 page business plan or one that is very detailed and perfect for funding requests.

To make your business plan even more solid, we suggest to all of our clients to do an actual market research. If you don't know how. We will be happy to do it for you. A market research adds two more weeks to the work duration. Nevertheless, we can assure you that it is worth the wait. After all there is no greater feeling than doing business according to an evidence-based approach. 
These are some of the industries for which we've already written a business plan:
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Fitness
  • Publishing Services
  • Retail Sales
  • Caterer
  • Vending Machine
  • Boat Services
  • Child Care Services
  • Travel Agency